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Metallic Epoxy

One of the hottest trends in decorative concrete floors is metallic coatings. Metallic epoxy systems not only heighten the effects but also make floors look three-dimensional. A two-component 100%-solids epoxy blended with metallic pigments creates seamless floor surfaces. Metallic epoxy is ideal for residential or commercial applications where you want to make your floors a focal point. The most common applications are retail stores, lobby areas, salons, living rooms, hotels, restaurants, and offices. Other attractive properties of the floor coating include a low viscosity, solvent-free, low odor, moisture insensitivity, and excellent bonding to properly prepared concrete surfaces.

New Era Epoxy Flooring does not recommend using Metallic epoxy on outdoor concrete. 100%-solids epoxy formulation will discolor after time when exposed to direct sunlight. However, it can be used on high-traffic interior concrete floors because it offers excellent impact and wear resistance. For better scratch and abrasion resistance, we recommend a topcoat. This system will provide many years of wear under heavy foot traffic while maintaining a magnificent finish.

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