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Flake Garage Floor Coatings

,Garage epoxy flooring is durable, highly light-reflective, and easy to clean. It increases the brightness of its surroundings and adds to the beauty of your residential garage. Its durability is unmatched and its easy maintenance and cleaning only add to its appeal. New Era Epoxy Flooring installs and retrofits epoxy resin flooring and polished concrete floors throughout the Houston area. Call us today for a quote on your home or commercial flooring anywhere in East Texas!

Modern epoxy flooring is more attractive and customizable than ever before. One trend that is massively popular in garages is the use of flakes to add shine, color, and texture beneath the clear top coat. Flakes and powders are additives that can be mixed with the epoxy clear coat to produce a brushed metal or sparkling effect. The result is professional-grade flooring that complements the colors in your home and catches the light in a dazzling way.

Why Choose Epoxy Garage Floor Coating?

When you’re dealing with the fluids and heavy machinery commonly found in garages, you need a strong floor surface that can handle your demands. Concrete floors are fine for a while, but they lack the strength and resilience of epoxy resin coatings. There are many reasons why a homeowner would choose to have heavy-duty flake and metallic garage floors, including:

  • Their longevity and value. It’s not unusual for a flake and metallic epoxy garage floor to last for decades. That’s a long amount of time where you won’t need to pay for upkeep or flooring materials. Heavy-duty flooring can even increase your home’s value when it’s time to sell.
  • Their unique beauty. No two metallic flake floors look quite the same. Their appearance varies depending on the colors you choose, the size and density of the flakes, and the way they are installed. Our experienced professionals have an eye for aesthetics, so they will always make sure your floor is as beautiful as can be.
  • Their durability and stain resistance. Tire treads and heavy equipment won’t damage your epoxy resin floor coating. Neither will oil spills, gas spills, or other automotive fluids. Detergents and cleaning products are no match for rugged heavy-duty garage flooring. The epoxy seals your concrete subfloor against moisture damage and minimizes the effects of UV rays. That’s a good thing, because you’ll definitely have the urge to open your garage doors and show off this gorgeous flooring!
  • Their affordable price tag. Compared to other flooring materials, epoxy resin and polished concrete floors are very budget-friendly. Using the concrete subfloor as your actual floor cuts back on construction and material costs. You won’t have to pay extra for upkeep because the flooring is so low-maintenance.

Types of Flakes

There is really no limit on the effects you can achieve with flake garage flooring. The flakes, also known as the flecks or chips, are available in any color you desire. Some are made of metal and others are made of acrylic colors. Some of the more common choices are mica flakes, blended flakes, reflective glitters, vinyl chips, and metallic powders. They can be sprinkled or distributed over the epoxy as sparsely or as densely as you like, ranging from a light coating to full coverage. 

A decorative flake floor coating system provides camouflage for dirt and debris, and hides scuffs on its surface. It conceals dips and waviness in the surface of your concrete and improves your safety by adding slip resistance. Best of all, it can be designed to match your home’s interior or exterior so that it looks great while it does its job. When properly installed, decorative chip flooring has the look of a composite material like Terrazzo without the large price tag.

New Era Epoxy Flooring: Your Flake Garage Floor Experts

Flake additives can make your epoxy garage flooring as beautiful as it is tough. It’s no wonder more homeowners are choosing this style for their home garages. New Era Epoxy Flooring is one of the highest-rated epoxy flooring companies in East Texas, and we always strive to bring our customers the very best experience with every job we do. Call us today for a free flooring quote!

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