Custom Kitchen Countertops

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Custom Kitchen Countertops

At New Era Epoxy Flooring, we provide long-lasting epoxy solutions for your floors and countertops. Epoxy is an affordable way to get a truly unique look for your kitchen counters, without the expense of purchasing marble or granite slabs. This resin coating can be applied over wood, tile, laminate, granite, and other materials to create an extremely strong and scratch-resistant surface for your countertops.

Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two epoxy kitchen countertops are quite the same. You can use paint pouring techniques to create unique swirls of color and striations that rival those of marble and granite. Metallic flakes can be dispersed across the surface and then covered with the epoxy resin layer, adding a touch of sparkle to the finished product. Additional epoxy can be layered on top for a textured look and feel. The customization options are limited only by your imagination.

New Era Epoxy Flooring in Spring, TX specializes in resilient, high-gloss epoxy kitchen countertops. We also do custom flooring and bathroom countertop work. Our clients rave about the results we achieve. 

Benefits of Custom Epoxy Countertops

Our custom epoxy kitchen countertops are one-of-a-kind stunners that will make your kitchen the envy of all your guests. We combine epoxy with metallic pigments, metal flakes, paints and enamels to turn each countertop into a work of art. When we’re finished, you’ll have beautiful kitchen counters that stand up to anything you put on them, no matter how hot or sharp it is.

Some of the advantages of having epoxy countertops include:

Durable Finish

When epoxy hardens, it creates an ultra-resilient solid surface that lasts for years. It’s very difficult to damage an epoxy resin countertop. The material does not crack or melt, and it retains its high-gloss finish without the need for reapplications.

High-Gloss Shine

If you like super-glossy finishes, epoxy is a great choice for your kitchen. The shine lasts a very long time. If it does finally begin to dull, you can rejuvenate it with some mineral oil and a clean cloth. High-gloss finishes are good for workspaces like kitchen counters because few things will stick to them, and they reflect the light to brighten up the space and help you see better.

Seamless Surface

Epoxy is the only kind of countertop that is truly seamless. Even granite and marble have seams where the slabs must be cut to fit the corners of countertops. This produces perfect color and pattern continuity all along the surface.

Heat Resistance

Your epoxy countertops can withstand heats of up to 500 degrees with no ill effects. They won’t be ruined if you sit hot pans or dishes on them for a few moments. Do not leave heated pans on them for extended periods, though. They will begin to take damage over time.

Safe for Food

Cured epoxy is considered non-toxic and safe for food preparation. (You will need plenty of ventilation while it is being installed, and for several days afterward. The smell and fumes from new epoxy can be a bit overwhelming.) Its non-porous surface keeps bacteria and mold from permeating and creating dangerous food prep conditions.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy kitchen countertops can stand up to any cleaning product you choose. Even tough, gritty cleansers will not scratch the surface. Because of their high-gloss finish, you might need nothing more than water, gentle soap and a clean cloth to keep your epoxy countertops gleaming.

New Era Epoxy Flooring: Your Custom Kitchen Countertop Experts

Your kitchen countertops take a lot of abuse from chopping, spills, and the hot pots and pans that get dropped on them. When you need a solution that is highly resistant to scratches and heat, call New Era Epoxy Flooring to get a quote for epoxy countertop installation in your kitchen. We do great-looking work in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, and anywhere a poured concrete or epoxy resin surface would be useful.

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