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A high-quality epoxy floor installation requires high levels of craftsmanship and industry-leading equipment. Fortunately, New Era Epoxy has both. Our Houston flooring installation experts have everything they need to do the job right from spiked shoes and squeegees to diamond tough tools. New Era Epoxy Flooring’s process begins with careful floor preparation using only the best materials and equipment. This means our installers rely on Syntec Diamond Tools for nearly every job we complete. As the premier epoxy flooring installers in Houston, it’s important to us to only use the best of the best on our customer’s property. Sytec Diamond Tools does just that, allowing us to achieve exemplary work that leaves customers singing our praises after every epoxy flooring installation.

Surface Preparation

To prepare the floors of your home or business for an epoxy coating, New Era Epoxy uses the diamond grinding method. This restores your floors to their smoothest state. We use a floor grinder and the necessary attachments to begin the process. After, you’ll see the installation tech swaying side to side and working the entire length of your floor. Once this process is complete, we’ll vacuum up the residue and your floors will be ready for the next step.

This process is very important so it’s important to hire experienced Houston epoxy flooring installers. They’ll know which tricks to use to ensure your floors come out as smooth as possible. For instance, the diamond grinder will need to stay in motion throughout the duration of the process to avoid creating circular rings or uneven spots on the floor

New Era Epoxy dust control equipment is used to keep your property clean while we complete the installation.

Syntec Tools

Staying current with the most cutting-edge equipment allows New Era Epoxy to set the standard for flooring installations in Harris county.

Diamond Blades

These razor-sharp and highly durable blades help us cut through even the most durable of materials with ease. Our high-efficiency equipment helps us keep costs low and complete jobs faster than ever before. Syntec Diamond blades also boast ultra-precise cutting so we can achieve the exact look you’re envisioning for your Houston home or business.


Syntec Diamond drills and coring tools help our flooring installers cut and bond fast. These products are trusted by construction companies worldwide, and we also utilize them for every flooring project after witnessing their efficacy.

Surface Preparation

Syntec Diamond Tools carries an array of metal bond, resin bond, and PCD diamond tools that have many possible applications. They can be used for aggressive coating removal, or concrete prep and polishing.


Houston Epoxy Flooring

Our flooring technicians use diamond tools to cut and drill past reinforced and precast flooring materials like concrete, asphalt, ceramic, porcelain tile, and a variety of natural stones. This helps us get down to bare bones and the real craftsmanship can begin. Once we do, we utilize Syntec floor preparation products like power saws and other types of specialized equipment to streamline the epoxy flooring application.

Epoxy Flooring Installation Experts

Contact New Era Epoxy today to learn more about our custom epoxy flooring. Whether you want beautiful, updated floors in your home, business, or garage– we’ve got you covered. Our epoxy flooring specialists can create any custom design you can dream of, and revamp your space. Let’s talk about your style preferences, set a competitive price estimate, and get to work!

Not sure if epoxy flooring is right for you or your budget? Give us a call anyways. One of our epoxy flooring experts would be happy to educate you about the pros and cons of epoxy flooring and put any of your fears to rest.

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