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How Safe is Epoxy Flooring?

At New Era Epoxy Flooring, our team of experienced professionals has worked with clients in a variety of industries to install highly durable, extremely safe epoxy surfaces. From residential spaces to industrial work areas, and even hospitals, our team’s work can be seen in communities throughout Texas. To help answer a few common questions people have about epoxy surfaces, we decided to spend a little time going over the aspects of epoxy solutions that make it a safe, reliable flooring option. 

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Why You Should Consider Metallic Epoxy Flooring

If you’re active on social media, then the chances are good that you’ve probably seen a growing trend towards flooring materials that incorporate metallic epoxy. Like many people, you may be wondering why this flooring solution has started to become so popular. Because epoxy flooring options are still a relatively new concept for both home and business owners, it is entirely understandable to feel curious about why more and more references to this new flooring material are popping up in different places online.

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