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Epoxy Flooring in Beaumont, TX

When it comes to high-quality, extremely durable epoxy flooring and surfacing solutions in Beaumont, TX, many residents know to trust New Era Epoxy Flooring. Our team is a leading provider of professional, uniquely customized flooring and surfacing treatment options that are designed to meet the needs of each of our clients while helping them turn their visions into reality.

The convenient location of our office allows us to dispatch our technicians to clients located anywhere in and around the Beaumont area, and we’re always ready to help residents of the community protect their floors and other surfaces from the general wear and tear of daily use. Our team is committed to providing standard-setting service and professional support our clients can depend on. 

Our previous projects are in quite a few locations, ranging from private homes and residences to school buildings and corporate offices. We even have industrial clients who take advantage of epoxy floorings high-durability to keep their floors and production areas safe.

With the heightened competition for effective surfacing solutions in recent years, more and more people are turning to epoxy surfaces as an ideal solution for providing a combination of high durability with lasting visual appeal. All kinds of surfaces including floors, countertops, shower and bathing areas, or even ceilings and other areas can all be treated with an epoxy layer that will provide increased durability combined with impressive visual presentation.

For homeowners, the application of an epoxy layer can be a great way to increase the lifespan of hardwood floors and other surfaces by preventing regular traffic from leaving scuff marks, scratches, and other nicks that can quickly become a problem. For businesses, high-quality epoxy surfacing solutions can be a wonderful way to strengthen the visual appeal of an area while also offering quality protection and cutting down on repair costs over time.

When it’s time to find a new and effective surfacing solution to prevent regular repair costs or to add a bright new look to an area the search doesn’t have to be long and stressful. Instead, contact New Era Epoxy Flooring in Beaumont, TX and find out how our team can help you get the look you’ve been hoping for with the protection you need to make your floors and surfaces safe from the wear and tear of everyday events.

Our Epoxy Flooring Solutions

New Era Epoxy Flooring is an industry leader in high-quality, durable epoxy flooring solutions in the Beaumont, TX area. We’re committed to working closely with each of our clients to help them create beautiful, professionally finished surfaces that are both visually pleasing and resistant to typical concerns of wear and tear. Each of our projects is uniquely customized to meet the expectations of our clients while providing them with long-lasting protection for a variety of situations.

The services we offer include:

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings – By using a special combination of epoxy resin and hardening agents, our team can address a range of surfacing concerns using a highly durable, long-lasting solution. Our epoxy finishes are waterproof, stain-proof, and even damage-resistant.
  •  Metallic Epoxy – During the installation process, our clients are given the chance to select from a variety of different combinations of metallic flakes and other glitter options. These choices are a great way to add a unique, personally customized finish to a project.
  •  Acid Staining – When working with certain surfaces, our team may talk with a client about applying an acid stain finish before adding epoxy layers. The goal of this treatment is to maximize the visual appeal of a surface before protecting it with epoxy surfaces.
  •  Polished Concrete – When working with concrete flooring, professionally polishing the surface before adding a protective layer of epoxy can be a great way to enhance the overall look and feel of the area. Adding a professional-grade finish to an epoxy surface can be a great way to brighten an area while epoxy protection can help avoid the risk of damage to the new surface that may be caused by daily wear and tear.

New Era Epoxy in Beaumont, TX

Everyone here at New Era Epoxy Flooring understands how important it is to have durable, high-quality protection that can keep floors and other surfaces safe. When an expensive surface is damaged or stained because of an accident, it can be expensive to repair or replace. To mitigate these costs while enhancing the overall visual appeal, epoxy surfacing solutions are a wonderful choice. To find out more about our services, or to schedule a consultation so one of our professionals can inspect your project area and provide you with an estimate, be sure to contact our team right away!

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