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Why You Should Consider Custom Epoxy Countertops for Your Home

by Mar 9, 2020Epoxy Floor, Information, Tips0 comments

The hunt for high quality, highly personalized features for a home is always ongoing. Many choose fancy wallpaper or unique decorations, but have you considered installing custom epoxy countertops? The growing popularity of customized countertops is a trend you should definitely think about jumping on. We are going to break down the reasons why epoxy countertops are so great and why you should schedule a consultation for your home.

New Era Epoxy Flooring delivers completely customized, high-quality epoxy solutions for your home or commercial building in DFW, Houston or most anywhere in Texas! From flooring to countertops, we have you covered.

Extreme Durability

Once epoxy has fully cured and hardened, it becomes incredibly strong and resistant to damage. Epoxy is extremely heat-resistant (up to 500 degrees!) and can withstand having hot pots and pans put directly on its surface for short periods of time. Additionally, epoxy’s strength protects it from getting cracked, scratched or chipped. Epoxy will also not sustain damage from water, so epoxy countertops are safe to have near your kitchen or bathroom sinks.

Smooth and Safe

Another great plus to epoxy countertops is they are the only counter surfaces that are completely seamless. Because epoxy does not require cutting and binding sections of slabs – like granite and marble do – it can be made totally smooth. This also helps coloring and patterns remain continuous all along the surface.

Epoxy countertops can be cleaned with any type of cleaner. Their smooth, glossy finish prevents damage from chemicals or scratching, so you can safely use any cleaner you prefer. Additionally, epoxy’s smoothness eliminates nooks and crannies that germs and bacteria love to hide in, making them safe for food preparation and generally cleaner than other counters.

Unique Look

Most exciting of all, epoxy countertops can be 100% customized. Whether you want a solid color, marbling effects, metallic finishes, personalized inlays or the addition of flakes, anything you can think of can be done. All these options can come in any color combination you want! New Era Epoxy Flooring can create unique, stunning countertops that will start conversations and have your guests envious.

New Era Epoxy Flooring: Delivering One-of-a-Kind Counters to Texas Homes

Custom epoxy countertops are some of the best quality and most beautiful features you can bring into your home. Their durability, shine, sanitation and individuality will spruce up your space for years to come. They are low maintenance but great additions to any kitchen or restroom. To get the best results though, you need to hire a professional team to install your epoxy countertops. New Era Epoxy Flooring provides durable, affordable epoxy solutions to homes and businesses all over Texas. From DFW to Houston, and many places in between, we have your needs covered. Call us at (832) 253-3211 or visit our website to see our services and past projects. New Era Epoxy also provides written estimates and fair pricing to all our customers.  No one else in the business can match our quality and creativity!