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Which is Better for Your Business: Epoxy or Concrete Flooring?

by Mar 9, 2020Epoxy Floor, Information, Tips0 comments

Business owners are always looking for new ways to make their spaces exciting and more practical. Something that rarely crosses people’s minds when it comes to spicing up their space is adding a unique, one-of-a-kind epoxy floor. Below are some reasons you might want to consider getting an epoxy floor for your commercial building. From the DFW Metroplex to Houston, New Era Epoxy Flooring can bring customized, quality epoxy floors to any commercial or residential building. Enjoy the style and durability of an epoxy floor in your space today.

Extreme Durability

Unlike carpet and tile, epoxy floors are extremely resistant to just about anything. A spill, a scratch, a crash, heat damage — you name it, they can take it. Their smooth surface makes them extremely easy to clean and maintain, lowering the amount of replacements and repairs you have to perform.

Speaking of cleaning, epoxy floors do not give bacteria and germs a chance as far as providing a breeding ground. The solid surface is void of any small nooks and crannies that germs like to hide in, making them a sanitary flooring option.

The only other flooring that is stronger than epoxy is concrete; however, many homeowners are putting epoxy topcoats on concrete floors because epoxy adds to their level of durability!

Completely Customizable

A huge bonus to choosing an epoxy floor for a business is how unique they can be. Epoxy can be mixed with literally any color you can think of, and there is a long list of additives. New Era Epoxy Flooring offers tons of options to make your business’ epoxy floor speak for your company. Some of our customization options include the incorporation of logos, metallic mixes, glitter and color flakes. Check out our website to see some examples of what we have done.

Unbelievably Affordable

It might be hard to believe considering their high quality, but epoxy floors are actually the most affordable type of flooring per square foot. If you already have concrete flooring in your building, epoxy can easily be placed on top of the cleaned surface, saving you the hassle of having to get things ripped out and replaced. And as mentioned before, they are extremely low maintenance, saving you money on having to get them professionally cleaned or repaired. Epoxy flooring can also be a quick install, shortening the amount of time you have to keep your business on hold for remodeling!

New Era Epoxy Flooring: The Best Flooring for Any Texas Business

Epoxy floors are becoming more and more common, and with good reason. They are more durable and affordable than most any flooring alternative, and they can be 100% customized to fit with your business’ look and feel. New Era Epoxy Flooring can turn around the look of any building in or around DFW and Houston. Just call us at (832) 253-3211 or visit our website to get an online estimate and see more of our epoxy services. Call us today and we’ll help you keep your commercial space clean and cool with a new epoxy floor.