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Which Epoxy Coating is Best for Garage Floors?

by Feb 24, 2020Epoxy Floor, Information, Tips0 comments

As epoxy coating for garage floors has become more popular, the number of options available for use has also increased. It can be difficult deciding which type of epoxy coat is best for your garage, so we are going to go over some varieties of epoxy and why they might be the right choice for you. New Era Epoxy Flooring is bringing variety and protection to homes all over Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and everywhere in between. We offer several different coating options, as well as customization options, including metallics and flakes!

Waterborne Epoxy Paint

Waterborne epoxy paint has the word “paint” in its name because it applies the most like paint. It is easy to roll onto a surface, does not dry immediately after being mixed and cures into a thin layer. Although it is the easiest to apply, it is also the least durable of all epoxy types due to its low solid content (usually around 50%). If you decide to apply epoxy to your floors on your own, this will be your best option, as you do not need to be particularly experienced to use it.

Clear Epoxy Topcoats

Clear epoxy topcoats are good to reinforce your other epoxy coating. Clear topcoat is just that — a topcoat. It is not typically used as the only epoxy layer; rather, it is supplementary. It adds shine, durability and thickness to the floor’s coating and can even help with stain resistance. This type of epoxy is also what is used to add things like decorative staining, custom flakes, metallic finishes and sprinkling, but it can also be left completely clear.

High Solids Epoxy

High solids epoxy is the most durable type of epoxy and has the most resistance to staining and scratching. High solid epoxy can have a solid content of up to 100%, making it twice as strong as its waterborne cousins. This type of epoxy is a commercial product, as it requires some skill and certain tools to apply it properly and safely. It is popular not just for its quality, but also for its versatility. High solids epoxy comes in a wide variety of colors and is great as a base coat. A high solid epoxy floor topped with a layer of clear epoxy will deliver the best durability and allow great customization options for your garage floor.

New Era Epoxy Flooring: Customized, Strong Garage Epoxy Flooring for Texas

Epoxy coated garage flooring is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Not only is it stylish, it is also more durable and stain resistant than traditional concrete floors. Whether you plan to try it yourself or have a professional team create a custom design for you, epoxy is a great option for any garage. New Era Epoxy Flooring is changing the floor covering game. We offer the best quality and the most creativity in all of North Texas and Houston, and we are ready to bring it to your garage. Chat with an expert or get an estimate by calling New Era at (832) 253-3211 or by visiting our website. We do high quality, creative custom floors, and so much more.