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Epoxy Floors: The Safe, Sanitary Choice for Healthcare Facilities

by Jan 14, 2020Commercial Epoxy Foors, Epoxy Floor, Information0 comments

Lifesaving measures go on in hospitals all over the world, and along with those extraordinary measures come the messier parts of the healthcare industry: blood, fluids, bacteria, and infectious disease. We want all clinics and hospitals to be as safe as possible for the people who work there and the people they treat. That’s why New Era recommends epoxy floor coatings for the healthcare industry. Our team installs top-quality epoxy flooring in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and all the surrounding areas. If you have a medical office that needs a tough, non-porous floor surface, call us right away to get a free quote on the project!

Why Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy flooring is a great choice for healthcare locations because of its durability, its resistance to germs and bacteria, its simple maintenance and cleaning, and its surprisingly non-slip surface. The quality of your epoxy flooring relies on the care that was taken during its installation. Our team has a reputation for excellence, and we’re not afraid of hard work. We take the time to make sure your flooring is installed properly so it will last a very long time.

Here are some of the ways healthcare facilities can benefit from epoxy floor coatings.

Durability and Damage Resistance

Epoxy floors have an extremely hard surface after they finish curing. Once they’re cured and polished, they can stand up to heavy traffic and machinery, like wheeled hospital beds, gurneys, wheelchairs, and IV stands. They also hold up well against heavy foot traffic like you find in hospital waiting areas and emergency rooms.

Non-Porous Surface Repels Germs

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in fighting infections in healthcare facilities. Whenever possible, you want non-porous surfaces, like stainless steel, that keep germs out where they can be easily wiped away and destroyed with disinfectant. The sealed surface of epoxy floor coatings is solid and doesn’t allow germs or bacteria to settle in. You can get rid of them with hot water and a disinfecting cleaner.

Time-Saving Maintenance

Unlike wood floors and carpets, epoxy floors don’t require much upkeep. They do not warp or become discolored when liquids spill on them, and they don’t trap dirt and dust like carpet fibers do. As long as they are swept and mopped when necessary, they will stay in good condition for many years. Messes are simple to clean, which is a good quality to have whenever sick people are around.

Non-Slip Illumination

Two surprising facts about epoxy floors are 1) they’re not as slippery as they appear, and 2) their surface reflects enough light to brighten up the rooms they’re in. Both qualities are beneficial to healthcare workers, who need to be able to navigate their space quickly without worrying about slipping and falling. More light is also good for any health care provider who needs to take a closer look at their patient.

New Era: We Install Epoxy Floor Coatings for Healthcare Professionals and More

At New Era Epoxy Flooring, we’re proud that our work can be found in a wide range of industries, from schools and gymnasiums to warehouses and laboratories. We believe epoxy floors are the best choice for any space where liquids and machinery come into contact with the flooring every day. Our team also installs epoxy floors in homes and garages in and near the DFW metroplex, the greater Houston area, and the Austin metro area. Contact us today to see what our long-lasting floors can do for you!