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Epoxy Flooring vs Polished Concrete: Which Should You Choose?

by Dec 30, 2019Commercial Epoxy Foors, Epoxy Floor, Information, Residential Epoxy Floors0 comments

When choosing industrial flooring solutions, many organizations find it difficult to choose between polished concrete and epoxy floor systems. Both use concrete slabs as the foundation but offer two very different types of floor space that are better suited for different environments. At New Era Epoxy Flooring in Dallas, TX our team of highly skilled epoxy professionals is committed to providing our clients with the industry-leading service and support they need for all kinds of epoxy surfacing projects.

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Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is made by a special machine that can grind down the surface repeatedly with finer polishing heads to form a smooth, burnished surface. An epoxy floor system, on the other hand, usually consists of several different layers of two-component coatings, which are liquids applied on concrete surfaces that are mechanically prepared and chemically hardened into permanent, impermeable and protective layers with various special and aesthetic properties.

Concrete floors seem to be a very adequate choice: they are long-lasting, highly durable, and can withstand a lot of weight. However, a concrete floor is not as safe as it might seem at first. After spills and other abrasions, this type of floor can become unsightly, difficult to clean and dangerous. Therefore, facilities that use cement floors should consider contacting epoxy experts to give their cement a high-quality conversion. Epoxy not only looks better than untreated concrete but also has the added benefit of other qualities that go beyond the capabilities of cement.

Plain concrete floors can withstand heavy loads and large pressures but are very porous and therefore vulnerable to considerable damage. Because most floors often experience foot movement, concrete floors can easily absorb water, dirt, chemicals, oil, and other foreign objects that can be used to touch. Untreated concrete can cause significant cracks, discoloration or erosion. In this case, the floor not only looks unsightly, but it is also very difficult to clean and can cause injury.

The Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Highly effective epoxy flooring and other resin-based systems are available in a variety of formulations specifically designed to protect the integrity of concrete slabs in a variety of environments and applications.

The right epoxy floor can offer many exceptional special benefits, such as:

  • Increasing load carrying capacity and resistance to impact on concrete floors
  • Imposing puncture and wear resistance
  • Protection against static electricity
  • The ability to withstand some of the biggest loads
  • Functionality in extreme conditions in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food – and beverage industries, chemicals and many other processing and production companies

This protection goes far beyond what polished concrete can offer. Epoxy systems can cover and correct deviations in concrete, and can even be used to repair damaged slabs. Also, high gloss lacquer-like resin can increase reflections on floor lamps by up to 300%, which reduces the need for additional lighting and saves energy and costs.

Because the epoxy floor is placed in a liquid state, the resulting surface is impenetrable and practically error-free. After hardening, the resin floor system is very resistant to solvents, acids, and alkalis, depending on the type and composition. This is very important in conditions where heavy reagents and poisons are used. Conversely, polished concrete surfaces are not designed to be exposed to these materials and are prone to absorption and retention of hazardous substances or might otherwise allow contaminants to flow through slabs to the foundation and surrounding soil. Properly selected and installed epoxy and resin coating systems overcome this vulnerability, leaving environmental hazards on surfaces where they can be properly covered and disposed of.

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If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your floors or modifying an existing installation in your industrial business environment, then chances are high you’ve spent time thinking about the benefits of epoxy flooring compared to polished concrete. At New Era Epoxy Flooring, our team of experienced epoxy professionals has spent years working with clients across Texas with a wide variety of surfacing projects, and we’re always ready to work with you to help you get the most out of your surfaces. To find out more about what we can do for you and your facility, or to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!