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Common Misconceptions About Epoxy Flooring

by Dec 23, 2019Commercial Epoxy Foors, Epoxy Floor, Residential Epoxy Floors, Tips0 comments

A high-quality epoxy coating can completely change the look and feel of many flooring materials, including normal cement floors. Untreated cement floors can have cracks and stains, which not only make the floor look unappealing, but are also dangerous. By applying an epoxy flooring solution, these surfaces can be held together for years with minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, some people don’t choose epoxy because they believe there is a widespread misunderstanding about the material. At New Era Epoxy Flooring, our team of skilled professionals has been hard at work helping home and business owners across Texas with a wide range of epoxy flooring related projects.

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As a highly durable, extremely flexible flooring solution, epoxy flooring can be used in various locations including homes, businesses, medical facilities, industrial work areas, and more. While there may be some people who are concerned about the material, and whether or not it is the right material for their needs, these viewpoints could be based on misunderstandings. To help clear up some of the misunderstandings regarding epoxy flooring, our team decided to spend a little time going over some of the most common.

Professional Installation IS Necessary

When you enter any big box hardware store, chances are high you will see a large bucket of DIY epoxy floor. When you see this, it will be easy to believe that an epoxy floor would be an easy installation. While these types of displays can make the process seem easy, it is important to keep in mind that a properly installed epoxy floor requires more than just pouring the mixture onto a surface. A professional will not only assess the cleanliness of the floor but will also identify potential problems with your surface and help you fix it before installation. With these steps, you will get the best from your epoxy floor for years to come.

Trying to handle an epoxy flooring installation on your own could lead to mistakes and other complications that will be likely cost you additional repairs or even a fresh installation later on. The best way to avoid these types of problems is to work with a team of trained professionals who know the best ways of installing epoxy flooring solutions for high-quality results you can enjoy.

A Fresh Coat of Paint is Not the Same

Does a coat of paint protect your concrete from dirt and oil stains? Does the paint resist cracking, blisters and indentations? Does the paint still shine regardless of traffic? The answer is no. Epoxy floors offer a durable, strong and glossy surface that remains attractive even after installation. Even though epoxy floors look like paint, they are much more complex than a simple coat of paint. An epoxy floor is firmly connected to the underlying concrete and forms a smooth, liquid and durable resin coating. A thin coat of paint cannot achieve this.

Although an epoxy coating resembles paint before it is applied, it has completely different properties. A simply paint layer does not protect the concrete floor from stains or abrasion. On the other hand, gluing concrete with epoxy resin creates a 100% non-volatile surface that is resistant to years of wear.

Epoxy is NOT too Expensive

Getting something professionally installed can seem like a more expensive option at first glance. However, epoxy flooring is far more affordable than many other flooring solutions on the market. Depending on the size of your room, an epoxy floor can be installed at a reasonable price.

Maintenance from time to time continues to reduce the cost of epoxy floors per square foot. Because of its durability, epoxy floors can easily cost one cent per square foot because of the initial investment and endurance of the floor in your room, and the minimum maintenance required.

Trust New Era Epoxy Flooring in Texas for Epoxy Solutions

If you’re thinking about installing a new floor in your home or business, or if you’re looking for a solution for an existing surface, then our team of experienced epoxy flooring professionals can help. With years of experience and a strong reputation as one of the leading providers of epoxy surfacing solutions, we’re always ready to work with you on any project. To find out more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, be sure to contact our team right away!