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Why You Should Consider Metallic Epoxy Flooring

by Nov 26, 2019Epoxy Floor0 comments

If you’re active on social media, then the chances are good that you’ve probably seen a growing trend towards flooring materials that incorporate metallic epoxy. Like many people, you may be wondering why this flooring solution has started to become so popular. Because epoxy flooring options are still a relatively new concept for both home and business owners, it is entirely understandable to feel curious about why more and more references to this new flooring material are popping up in different places online.

At New Era Epoxy Flooring, our team of experienced professionals has been helping individuals and businesses across Texas take advantage of the benefits of metallic epoxy flooring and traditional epoxy flooring for years. As an industry leader in the installation and innovation of epoxy solutions for floors and other surfaces, we’re excited to explore some of the best reasons why metallic epoxy flooring systems are a great option.

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Understanding Metallic Epoxy

To get a better idea of why metallic epoxy flooring is such a great choice for a variety of situations, the best place to start is by developing a clearer picture of what the material is. Metallic epoxies are epoxy solutions that have had metallic flakes or pigments added to produce an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Like traditional epoxy solutions, metallic epoxy typically involves a 2 part system which is comprised of an epoxy resin and a hardener which is used in tandem to produce the finished product. The metallic pigments or flakes are added during the mixing or application process to create a variety of aesthetic effects once the entire solution has hardened.

A Unique Finish

Metallic epoxy coatings have recently exploded on the internet at the ideal flooring option for dazzling looks and one of the best ways to make a room pop with a unique personality. The creation of these highly unique finishes involves the use of a variety of advanced techniques including brushes, solvents, and even blowers in some cases. These tools are used to manipulate the material so that it will cure a specific way.

The application of these different methods and techniques allows for the creation of final looks that can evoke images of clouds, waves, lava, and other textures. What many people may not realize is that because of the complex nature of the chemical reactions taking place, no two floors will ever look the same, even if they’re handled by the same contractor!

Incredible Benefits

Many people hear the term “metallic epoxy flooring” and immediately think of it as a decorative flooring option that won’t provide the same practical benefits that a traditional floor or even standard epoxy floors would. The truth is that metallic coatings are just as durable as any other epoxy flooring solution and that they offer the benefits and protection of a flooring system that can withstand commercial and industrial traffic regularly.

Aside from the high aesthetic qualities, a metallic epoxy floor requires very little maintenance, and can easily be installed in a fraction of the time required for a traditional flooring option. Also, the composition of epoxy floors makes them highly resistant to damage, scratches, stains, and other typical concerns that could be a problem for many other materials.

An Investment in Style

Because metallic epoxy floors require low maintenance and are highly durable, the installation of this material on any surface can be considered an investment not only in the longevity of an area but also in the overall style of the space. With low maintenance costs and a ten to thirty-year life expectancy in most cases, a metallic epoxy floor is an incredible way to add a touch of unique personality to any surface while also adding enhanced, high-quality protection from a variety of concerns including wear and tear, water damage, and even harm caused by accidental falls, drops, or scrapes.

Work with Experienced Professionals for the Best Look

If you’re thinking about installing a metallic epoxy floor, then your best option is to work with a team of skilled professionals who have the knowledge and experience to make sure that the project is handled in the best possible way. With years of experience in the industry and clients in a variety of industries including medical, commercial, and residential projects, New Era Epoxy Flooring is a leader in the epoxy flooring industry. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today to find out more about the amazing benefits that this new flooring material can provide to you and your property!