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Signs It’s Time to Think About Concrete Resurfacing

by Nov 22, 2019Epoxy Floor, Tips0 comments

Time is an unstoppable force. No matter how durable your flooring material might be, there is always a point where the surface will need to be addressed either through maintenance or replacement. Factors such as regular heavy traffic, accidental damage, or even the quality of the materials can all influence how quickly you will need to think about taking care of your flooring, and when your floors are made of concrete, resurfacing is typically a good option.

While concrete is one of the most popular choices for traditional flooring solutions, there is an inevitable point where it will need to be repaired or replaced. If you have concrete flooring in any part of your home or business, then it is important to know what to look out for so that you can plan for an eventual resurfacing of the area.

At New Era Epoxy Flooring, our team has been working with homeowners and business owners across Texas for years, and we’ve seen all kinds of situations and concerns related to a variety of flooring materials. Here are a few important pieces of advice from our experienced professionals that can help people get a better understanding of how to spot the telltale signs that their concrete flooring needs resurfacing.

epoxy floor houstonKeep an Eye on the Cracks

Practically any concrete floor will have tiny, hairline cracks that appear naturally as part of the drying process. Over time, larger cracks could appear though, and existing cracks can grow wider. These types of noticeable divisions in your concrete surface should be kept track of, especially if they are near high traffic areas, or if moisture is gathering in or near those areas.

Cracking in concrete is ultimately unavoidable thanks to the nature of the material. Changes in temperature cause concrete to expand and shrink, and as seasons pass, this cycle can lead to cracks that will only get wider and wider over time. If left alone, these cracks can lead to structural concerns that could become a real safety risk in some cases.

For some situations, a quick fill to take care of these cracks could be all that’s needed. At a certain point though, having a full resurfacing job done could be the best solution to get everything back to proper working order. The best way to determine this though is by having a conversation with a professional about your surface.

Be Wary of Flaking, Spalling, or Crumbling

While less common, there is a possibility that you could notice problems such as flaking, spalling or crumbling on your concrete surface. These types of issues are generally caused by mistakes or oversights that happened during the original installation of the floor and can lead to several problems down the road. Understanding the type of problem you’re experiencing with your flooring solution can go a long way towards determining the best way to address it.

Flaking is a concern where very thin layers of concrete can start to break away from the surface. This leads to a dusty, uneven surface that can lead to some problems including air quality worries and difficulties keeping objects stable. Spalling is a problem that is most commonly encountered in heavy traffic areas or where machinery passes over weak joints which causes bumps and uneven surfaces to develop over time. This type of problem can lead to problematic wear and tear of your machinery in addition to slowing down operations.

Crumbling can be a problem when your flooring has been installed using substandard materials, or under certain circumstances where the initial process was not handled by a team of experienced professionals. In the most extreme cases, you may need to think about having your entire flooring system replaced instead of simply resurfacing.

Consider Alternative Flooring Options

Resurfacing your concrete floors can be a costly and intrusive process that could get in the way of your daily routines at home or prevent employees from maintaining expected levels of production for your business. Instead of spending a great deal of time feeling frustrated while organizing a window for handling this process, consider alternative solutions such as high-quality epoxy flooring.

At New Era Epoxy Flooring, our team is always ready to work with homes and business owners to add a layer of high-quality epoxy to any floor or other surfaces. Epoxy is a great way to add a fresh, aesthetically pleasing finish to a surface, and the process can be faster, easier, and cleaner than many other options including concrete resurfacing. Instead of dealing with dust, noise, and cleanup, consider taking advantage of the benefits of an epoxy surface and get back to using your floors the way they were meant to be used!