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Epoxy Flooring is Becoming Popular in Interior Design

by Nov 18, 2019Epoxy Floor0 comments

In the past, epoxy flooring solutions were often viewed as an answer for heavy traffic areas in places like commercial facilities, hospitals, or even warehouses. Recently though, more and more professional designers are turning to modern epoxy flooring options as a highly effective, uniquely aesthetic choice for a growing range of interior design challenges.

With incredible visual appeal and durability to last, epoxy flooring is an effective way to create a smooth, waterproofed surface that is not only resistant to all kinds of damage but also highly customizable. At New Era Epoxy Flooring, our team of professionals has been helping businesses and private homeowners across Texas with a wide variety of projects ranging from living rooms and garages to lobby areas, meeting areas, and even industrial workspaces.

While designers may be familiar with epoxy flooring, the most common image that comes to mind is a thick, cumbersome, plastic compound that is typically relegated to specific areas.

Thanks to advances in technology and technique, however, more and more professionals are turning to epoxy as the ideal answer for all kinds of projects, especially renovation concerns where uneven surfaces or unexpected complications could otherwise inflate the expected budget beyond all reasonable estimates.

epoxy floor houstonThe Versatility of Choice

Because epoxy flooring is a compound that has to be mixed and prepared before being applied, every project or surface can be unique. More importantly, interior designers and customers can add their own custom style to surfaces by choosing from a variety of options such as metallic flakes at varying densities and even color palettes.

As a stylish, modernized solution to the ongoing problem of how to create a truly personalized floor that can enhance the overall visual appeal of a space, epoxy flooring is rapidly becoming one of the top choices for professionals and homeowners alike. With a wide range of options including solid colors, geometric shapes, or even more complex images covered by a clear layer of epoxy, designers are seeing more and more that their creative visions for an interior space can be fully realized through the power of this versatile flooring solution.

Bright and Durable

Two of the most common challenges that people face when it comes to interior spaces is the brightness of the room, as well as the durability. In most cases, even a brightly polished surface will become dull and less appealing over time due to regular wear and general traffic.

With a layer of epoxy applied to a surface, practically any room will instantly become brighter thanks to the reflective properties of the material. Better still, epoxy floors are proven to be more durable and resistant to damage than many popular flooring options including hardwood floors. 

With a range of vibrant color options to choose from, epoxy flooring is becoming the ideal way to create a truly unique space that can be a reflection of personal style, a compliment to overall branding efforts, or simply a means of providing a brighter, more welcoming space for general needs.

Surprisingly Simple to Install

One big concern that many people have when thinking about epoxy flooring is how complicated the process of installing it would be. What these people may not realize though, is that the preparation and installation process for an epoxy surface is actually very straightforward, and with the right training and experience, it can be taken care of quickly.

While it is true that epoxy surfaces need time to cure before being disturbed, this period is typically only several hours. In most cases, a professional installation can be taken care of quickly and efficiently with the right planning and effective preparation of the surface.

The Benefits of Reduced Maintenance Costs

As an added benefit of epoxy surfaces, they are amazingly simple to clean. For professionals and homeowners alike, this means less time spent trying to clean up undesirable stains or spills, and more time spent enjoying the wide range of benefits that come with a sleek, shining, customized surface.

Because epoxy flooring is a seamless, nonporous surface, anything that spills onto it, including liquids, can easily be eliminated with little effort. This means that less time and energy will be spent on maintaining the area and that there will be far fewer nerves getting frayed every time something is at risk of spilling!

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