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How Epoxy Flooring Can Benefit Healthcare Facilities

by Nov 15, 2019Epoxy Floor0 comments

When it comes to healthcare facilities such as a hospital or medical practice, cleanliness is always a top priority. Overall visual appeal aside, keeping the floors clean in a medical environment can have a direct impact on patient health and other factors.

Choosing the right flooring materials for a healthcare facility is important for a number of reasons including the investment in time and e5nergy for cleaning as well as the potential for harmful substances to remain. These days, more and more modern healthcare facilities are choosing high-quality epoxy flooring solutions as the material of choice for a variety of needs.

During its application in a liquid state, epoxy can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces to create a smooth, highly durable finish that is free of pores, cracks, or spaces that may be hard to clean. Aside from being sleek and aesthetically pleasing, surfaces using this material are also highly resistant to all types of liquid, making it ideal for regular cleaning and sanitation routines.

Because epoxy flooring has the fewest negative concerns compared to other flooring solutions on the market today, it is widely considered the best flooring option available for patient rooms, surgical centers, kitchens, maintenance areas, corridors and any other part of a medical facility.

epoxy floor houstonEnhanced Protection Against Fluids

Fluids of various types are recognized as just a daily fact of life at virtually any healthcare facility. Cleaning products, accidental spills, or even fluids from patients are all things that must be handled effectively on a routine basis. A flooring solution with cracks, pores, or breaks in the surface creates a potential risk of bacteria growth in addition to being harder to clean.

Instead of spending extra time and additional resources on cleaning a floor that isn’t designed to be resistant to fluids or other concerns, your best option is to apply epoxy flooring. A professionally applied coating of epoxy can be an ideal choice to protect both new and old surfaces that allow increased durability while preventing all types of liquids from infiltrating surface pores or causing lasting damage.

Highly Resistant to Germs and Bacteria

The primary reason why many healthcare and medical facilities are turning to epoxy flooring as the solution of choice for all their surfacing needs is the fact that these materials are considered impervious to harmful elements such as bacteria, germs, and more. Providing a sterile, healthy environment for patient treatment and recovery is a vital part of the continued functionality of any healthcare facility. As many medical professionals would agree, a clean, stable environment can be a powerful tool for promoting the rapid recovery of patients.

Increased Protection at Reduced Costs

When it comes to budgeting concerns, no one wants to feel forced into allocating large amounts of resources to concerns such as floor maintenance, or worse, floor repair. With many traditional flooring options, one of the biggest concerns is the cost in time and energy required to regularly clean, or in some cases repair and replace problematic areas. Because of the nature of epoxy flooring, this investment in both time and resources can be dramatically reduced.

Instead of feeling forced to schedule an entire facility shut down that may last an extended period of time to address flooring concerns, epoxy flooring can be applied in a matter of days. The process of scheduling time to address flooring concerns will be less complicated, and the amount of time required to handle everything from simple repairs to total floor replacements will be greatly reduced compared to traditional flooring options.

The Power of Modern Science

In the past, entire sections of a healthcare facility would need to be shut down for extended periods of time so that effective cleaning could be performed on the floors and other surfaces. For healthcare professionals, this would cause a variety of problems including cramped spaces, unhappy patients, and challenging work conditions. Thanks to the development of high-quality epoxy surfacing solutions, cleaning can take less time, require fewer resources, and provide a safer, healthier environment for patients to recover in.  

If you’re in the healthcare industry, and you’ve been searching for a new flooring solution for your facility, then you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to New Era Epoxy to find out why we’re one of the most trust names in the epoxy flooring industry throughout Texas!